Long-Term Disability Insurance

The long-term disability insurance is MANDATORY for all permanent teachers, and for non-permanent teachers at the signing of their fourth full-time contract. It is, however, OPTIONAL for all other non-permanent teachers. They can apply to be covered by long term disability insurance within 30 days of the beginning of the first three contracts that have a minimum 33% workload per term whether or not the contracts are continuous. If a teacher does not apply within this window, he or she will have to provide evidence of insurability (i.e. good health) at his or her own cost.

Long term disability insurance provides a monthly income of 80% of the net salary. It continues up to the age of 65 and is not subject to income tax. It takes effect after the two year short term contractual salary insurance ends.

RREGOP allows a teacher to continue to get pension credit for the two years of short term salary insurance and for the first year of long term disability without payment. After this 3 years, pension credits cannot be added unless the teacher returns to work.

Once a teacher reaches 60, if it is certain that he or she will not be able to return to work, the teacher can retire and receive the RREGOP and QPP pension yet continue to receive a disability income until 65. This disability pension will be reduced by only one half the RREGOP pension and one half of the QPP pension.

Claim forms, rates, and other related documents can be found on La Capitale’s website  (direct link to 2018 rates) (direct link to 2017 rates).

If you have further questions, you may contact

  • La Capitale Customer Service department at: 418 644-4200 in Montreal, or at 1 800 463-4856 toll-free outside the Montreal region.
  • The benefits department of Human Resources (HR) at Dawson at local #1373, or benefits@dawsoncollege.qc.ca.
  • The DTU office.