What Can We Do for You?

You can contact the DTU for any questions regarding your working conditions here at Dawson College. Never hesitate to consult with us for confidential advice regarding your personal situation, such as:

  • to have an aspect of the collective agreement explained to you;
  • to know how to react when summoned by the administration;
  • to better understand the workings of the college;
  • if the administration wants to proceed with an administrative evaluation of your work;
  • to understand your parental rights;
  • for information regarding health insurance;
  • if you are experiencing a stressful situation in the workplace;
  • to understand leaves of absence;
  • for information regarding your pension plan;
  • for concerns over health and safety in the workplace;
  • for help with re-evaluation of scholarity and/or experience;
  • for information regarding professional development funds;
  • if you have questions regarding your salary;
  • if you feel that your rights may have been violated; etc. 
When you are summoned by the administration you have the right to have a DTU executive officer present.