Hiring Priority


Teachers have hiring priority for the three years following the end of their last contract. However, this priority must be exercised. There are two ways for a teacher to exercise their hiring priority: either by submitting a GOS (General Offer of Service) every year, or by applying to individual job postings (posted on the Dawson College website and on MyDawson portal).

In April, all non-permanent teachers should fill out a GOS and submit it to Human Resources. This is an application for all work which the teacher is eligible to receive during the following academic year. All newly-hired teachers should fill out a GOS within 30 days of starting work.

If a teacher refuses a workload after exercising their hiring priority with a GOS, they do not subsequently lose their priority for the semester. However, the teacher must apply to each subsequent individual posting in order to maintain their hiring priority.

If you forget to hand in a GOS, you do not lose your hiring priority. However, you must apply for each individual posting until the next academic year (when you can submit a GOS).


The college can remove the priority of a non-permanent teacher with cause. A teacher whose priority is removed can grieve this removal if they have either
(i) carried a full-time year-long charge to term;
(ii) occupied at least one full semester-long charge per year for two consecutive years; or
(iii) accumulated 1.5 years of seniority.
Teachers who do not meet any of these criteria cannot grieve the withdrawal of their priority.

If a teacher grieves the removal of their priority, the college must establish that the removal of priority was for just cause. The college must inform the teacher of the precise reasons for removal in writing.

A non-permanent teacher with two years of continuous service may make a complaint to the Commission des normes de travail (CNT) for wrongful dismissal under article 124 of the Quebec Labour Code. The deadline for making such a complaint is 45 days following removal of priority.

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