Workload & CI

What is CI?

The C.I. (Charge Individuelle) is a number that establishes a regular sector teacher’s workload.

The C.I.  is established by a formula (APPENDIX I-1 in collective agreement) that takes into consideration:

  • The number of class and laboratory hours per week
  • The amount of preparation time for different courses (a teacher with many different courses will require more preparation time)
  • The number of students enrolled in each class
  • Fieldwork supervision
  • Release time or leaves of absence
  • Assignment to type 2 and 3 responsibilities

A teacher is considered to have a full-time annual workload (charge) if their C.I. is anywhere between 80 and 85. In general, a full-time workload is between 40 and 44 CI units per semester. The college cannot assign a teacher a workload of above 85 C.I. nor assign a workload of more than 55 units of C.I. in a given semester to a full-time teacher, without the teacher’s consent (Clause 8-6.01 c).

C.I. is calculated on the basis of class enrolment on September 20th for the fall semester and February 15th for the winter semester. The college cannot reduce the C.I. determined on these dates as a result of a drop in students after these dates unless this drop reduces the number of teaching hours (Clauses 6-1.02 and 8-6.07).

If you are interested in knowing your C.I. for any given semester, the D.T.U. has a  CI CALCULATOR.



The first 10 days of substitution are paid hourly (Clause 5-1.13). After 10 working days, teachers are paid on the basis of C.I. at regular teachers rates.