The Owl Hoots

Owl Hoots No 541 — published on September 6, 2018. Topics included
– Cont’Ed working conditions
– Your rights, explained: the selection committee; special leaves and family days

Owl Hoots No 540 — published on September 12, 2017. Topics included
– Your rights, explained: sick days

Owl Hoots No 539 — published on April 11, 2017. Topics included
– Consulting firms submits “organizational review” of Dawson’s Continuing Education sector
– Stand in solidarity: Withhold your final grades until June 1st
– Disability medical reports
– Important dates
– États généraux de l’enseignement supérieur
– Continuing Education charges update

Owl Hoots No 538 — published on February 10, 2017. Topics included
– Winter 2017 Semester dates and reminders
– Save the date
– Union’s charges distribution protocol implemented
– Coalition Main Rouge plans a National Day of Action
– Executive Council motions supports food sovereignty at Dawson
– Important message for non-permanent teachers

Owl Hoots No 537 — published on November 10, 2016. Topics included
– Insurance News
– General Assembly passes motion in support of DTU’s charges strategy for Cont’Ed
– DTU Executive Council supports ‘preferred names’ initiative
– Director General disregards Senate, pushes Strategic Plan through BOG
– The Council of Colleges: A bigger, badder CEEC?

Owl Hoots No 536 — published on September 7, 2016. Topics included
– Negotiations wrap-up
– Calling all Cont. Ed. teachers
– Long-term disability insurance now mandatory for certain non-permanent teachers
– How the lump sum payment was calculated
– Strike pay vacation deductions – check your pay stub

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