Bill 96


Key Impacts of Bill 96 on Cégeps: 

  • Imposes a cap (which functions as a locking ratchet) on the number of full-time students in DEC programs (and springboard) at anglophone Cegeps; Cegeps would have to pay penalties for admitting students above the limit
  • Limits the number of students in a program given in English within a francophone institution
  • Requires all students to pass at least three courses given in French. These courses cannot be French courses nor Physical Education courses. Cegeps can allow “English-eligible” students, “les ayants droit“, to take three additional French courses in place of three subject courses given in French
  • Requires all students (except “English-eligible” students) to pass an exit exam to evaluate their French
  • Necessitates changes to College policies, notably in relation to:
    • Measures to prioritise the admission of “English-eligible” students whenever the number of applications exceeds the number of students that can be admitted (as per the new caps)
    • Measures to ensure students know the appropriate French terminology for their programs at the end of their studies.

Official documents: