Health & Dental Insurance

The health plan is compulsory (except if you quality for an exemption) and covers pharmaceutical drugs and paramedical services for all active teachers. It also includes travel insurance.

Our collective health insurance plan is a modular plan: each teacher must choose between three options with increasing level of coverage (and premiums) with module A being the least expensive but offering lesser coverage.

The dental plan is optional and provides two options with different level of coverage.

All relevant documents are available on Beneva’s webpage dedicated to our plan: claim forms, full contract, as well as a summary of coverage and rates. The page is also available in French.

If you have further questions, you may contact

  • Beneva’s Customer Service for insured persons at 1 888 235-0606.
  • The benefits department of Human Resources (HR) at Dawson at
  • The DTU office.