Life Insurance

Life insurance is optional.

Basic Life insurance
Life insurance is optional. For those under 65, the basic life insurance policy allows the choice between one time your annual salary with a minimum of $35,000 or two times your annual salary with a minimum of $70,000.  For participants between 65 and 70, the amount is divided by 2, and for participants over 70,  the amount decreases to $10,000.
Dependent’s life insurance is also available.

Supplementary insurance can be bought in 10 slices of $25,000 to a total of $250,000 for either the teacher or spouse if the basic insurance is taken. Evidence of insurability is always required for supplementary insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

This insurance is indissociable from the Life Insurance benefit. Participants to the basic life insurance are also covered for certain serious diseases for an amount of up to $25,000. There are conditions and not all diseases are covered. You can find details in Section 3.2 of the contract (also available in french).

Conditions for access to life insurance without Proof of insurability
A non permanent teacher must apply for life insurance within 30 days of being hired or will be required to provide proof of insurability (good health). However, if the teacher establishes a relationship under conditions described below or has a baby or adopts, the teacher again has 30 days to request insurance without proof of insurability. The 30 days for a relationship begins the day of marriage or a legal civil union, the day after a year of cohabitation or the first day of cohabitation if there was a previous relationship of cohabitation of over a year.

When a teacher becomes permanent the teacher has again 30 days to apply without proof of insurability. If a teacher does not maintain life insurance during a leave, the teacher has 30 days from the return to active teaching to renew the insurance without proof of insurability.

For more information about life insurance, refer to Sections 2 and 3 of the contract (also available in french).

The medical questionnaire (to be filled out if you would like to add life insurance above your current coverage), claim forms, rates, and other related documents can be found on Beneva’s website.
La déclaration d’assurabilité (si vous voulez obtenir ou augmenter votre protection en assurance vie), les formulaires de réclamation et tous les autres documents sont disponibles sur le site de Beneva.

If you have further questions, you may contact

  • Beneva’s Customer Service for insured persons at 1 888 235-0606.
  • The benefits department of Human Resources (HR) at Dawson at
  • The DTU office.