For 2019-2020, the elected DTU executive members are
Emilie Richer President teaches Mathematics (514) 931-8731 local 1880 president@dtu.qc.ca
Brian Seivewright VP Internal teaches Chemistry (514) 931-8731 local 1880 vpinternal@dtu.qc.ca
Mélanie Beck VP External teaches Mathematics (514) 931-8731 local 1802 vpexternal@dtu.qc.ca
Diana Glennie Secretary-Treasurer teaches Physics (514) 931-8731 local 1804 secretary_treasurer@dtu.qc.ca

DTU executive members occupy an elected position for which they receive release-time from teaching duties. Mandates last one year. Elections take place in the spring, for the following academic year.

The DTU office also enjoys the presence of one permanent DTU staff member:

Elisabeth Leone Administrative Assistant (514) 931-8731 local 1799 dtu@dtu.qc.ca
and the Coordinator of Grievances, a DTU member elected for one year and released from teaching duties. For 2019-2020, the elected Coordinator of Grievances is
Louisa Hadley teaches English (514) 931-8731 local 1801 grievanceofficer@dtu.qc.ca