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Important message for non-permanent teachers

Final Grades

Collective Agreement Signed!

Important Reminders about your Pay

Faculty Vacation – Transfers of Availability

DTU Office Summer Hours


As always, the DTU Executive invites you to drop by the DTU office in 8A.11. We can answer questions regarding workloads, seniority and priority, schooling and work experience documentation, and anything else related to working at Dawson. In particular, before turning down work we encourage you to come and discuss the implications with us. We always recommend copying us into communications with the College so that we can help to make sure that your rights are protected. You can also call us at local 1799, or email us at dtu@dtu.qc.ca with any questions.

Important message for non-permanent teachers

We urge non-permanent teachers to ensure that they have read the information sent by the College regarding the procedures for accepting and refusing workloads, particularly with regards to the deadlines. You can find this information in the email “General offer of Service and Teaching Workloads – Acceptance and Refusal Procedure” sent by the College on May 10th, 2024. In addition, we encourage you to consult the DTU before you refuse any future hiring priority. Teachers who would like to learn more about seniority, priority, and workload distribution are welcome to stop by the DTU office in room 8A.11, or to send us an email at dtu@dtu.qc.ca.

Final Grade Deadline

The deadline for all teachers to submit final grades is June 11. This deadline is the same whether you teach day courses or Continuing Education courses, and whether or not your course includes a final exam in the final examination period.

Collective Agreement Signed !

As announced by email at the end of last week, the new Collective Agreement has been signed and is now in effect. We wanted to take this opportunity to once again underline all the hard work that allowed us to make such gains – not only the work of the negotiation teams, but also all of you who mobilised and picketed as part of the Common Front.

The salary increases are effective immediately and we have asked the College to ensure that the increases are applied as of the date of signature. However, the College has informed us that the increases will not be reflected on the pay of June 20th.

For the retroactive salary, the College will have 120 days from the date of signature to process the retro pay, which brings us to early October. However, we anticipate that the College will begin processing the retro pay sooner than that. For those who have retired or no longer work at the College, the retro pay will take longer to process; we will reach out to these people when we have more information.

We intend to send out more information in the Fall regarding some of the other important changes to the Collective Agreement.

Important Reminders about your Pay

As a reminder, you will see some differences in your summer pay this year. Below is a very brief summary, but we encourage you to consult the Memo that the College sent on May 28th, 2024.

Strike Reduction
Due to the strike in Fall 2023, our salary was reduced and thus there will be a corresponding reduction in vacation pay. Our vacation pay is calculated as 20% of our earnings, so for teachers who were full-time in Fall 2023, the deduction will be equivalent to 20% of 8.5 strike days (i.e. 11.05 hours). For teachers who were not full-time in Fall 2023, the deduction will be proportional to your workload. We expect the College to process this deduction on the pay of June 20th.

27 Pays
For the academic year 2024-2025, there will be 27 pays. As a result, permanent teachers will receive an “advance pay” for the period of August 4th to August 17th, which will then be recouped on each of the subsequent pays. Non-permanent teachers will have a two week gap in pay between August 4th and August 17th.

Faculty Vacation – Transfer Availability

For teachers with a day contract or a Cont. Ed. charge, and who are not teaching in the Summer, the last day of availability for this academic year is June 13. The vacation period is from June 14 to August 18, inclusive. Teachers are expected to be available to the College until the vacation period begins. Although the nature of our work alters after classes end, teachers are expected to be available to attend meetings, if required. For full-time teachers, availability is 32.5 hours per week. For part-time teachers, availability is proportional to the workload. Teachers who wish to be unavailable to the College prior to the beginning of the vacation period, or after the start of availability but before classes begin in August, can request a transfer of availability. You need to complete the form provided by the College in advance of the period you are transferring. Note that the form asks what activities you propose to make up for the period of unavailability; you do not have to provide too much detail here. It is sufficient to indicate something along the lines of “course prep” or “departmental work”.