Vacations and Transfers of Availability

Regular Sector teachers are available to the college 32.5 hours per week, all year, except for statutory holidays and our annual two-month summer vacation. There is no such thing as a Christmas vacation period.

If you wish to go away and not be available during a period when you should normally be present, before or after classes (for example the first week of January), you may request a “Transfer of Availability”. This allows you to trade a period of availability with a period of non-availability (for example, take a week off in January, but be available for one week during the summer holidays). Requests for transfers of availability must be submitted to and approved by your dean.

There is no need to ask for a transfer of availability if you are still available. For instance, if you spend the first two weeks of January marking and preparing at the cottage and you are in a position to come back for meetings if necessary, then you are still available and consequently you do not need to apply for a transfer of availability. Make sure, however, that you can be reached (give your phone number or email address to your Chair and departmental secretary).