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March 28, 2023                                                 Issue 563

Owl Hoots

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Union Dues Holiday
College Services Survey
Faculty Availability and Vacation Period

The DTU Executive
Louisa Hadley, President
Brian Seivewright, VP Internal
Mélanie Beck, VP External
Antonia Fikkert, Secretary-Treasurer
Emilie Richer, Grievance Officer

Administrative Assistant
Elisabeth Leone
DTU email: dtu@dtu.qc.ca


Union Dues Holiday

You may have noticed in your current pay statement that there is an amount of 0.00 in the “current” column for Union Dues. This is not a mistake; the DTU Executive asked the College not to deduct Union dues for this pay period as the General Assembly had approved a Union dues holiday for Winter 2023 as part of the 2021-2022 budget. 

Deductions for Union dues will resume for the subsequent pay period.

College Services Survey

The DTU’s surveys on College services are open until March 31st

If you have not yet given your feedback about services such as HR, your Dean’s office, and the OAD, we invite you to do so before the deadline.

Click here to answer the first survey about services that support teaching such as the Bookstore, Printshop, IT services, Student AccessAbility Centre (SAAC), Sector Dean’s Office, Student Services Office, Office of Academic Development (OAD), and Student Services.

Click here to answer the second survey about more general services such as Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Offices of the Sector Deans, Facilities Management (FAMA), and Security.


Faculty Availability and Vacation Period

The College has finalized our vacation period for this summer. Unless you are teaching during the Summer semester, your last day of availability is June 14th. The College memo is a little confusing because it lists June 15th as a day in lieu of St. Jean Baptiste with vacation officially beginning on June 16th. The important thing is that you are off for the summer starting on June 15th.

The first day of availability after summer is August 17th; the first day of classes is August 21st.

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